Class 1



Class Teacher – Mr Sanders

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Royer    Mrs Baker  

In Class 1, we use the input from children’s questions to form our curriculum.

This means that from week to week we could be finding out about a range of topics etc.





We are very fortunate in Class 1 to have a lot of space for our 14 children to explore different topics and develop a huge range of skills.

Activities include our ‘Mud Kitchen’; ‘Construction site’ and ‘Boat Garden’.

Children get the chance to explore the ground and learn about the different animals and bugs that help our plants grow. They can also learn about looking after different plants finding out what they need to grow and give fruit.


In our mud kitchen children can be creative and use different tools to come up with different cakes and soups etc.

Children also have the opportunity to use bikes and small climbing frames to develop both gross and fine motor skills.







Our covered classroom offers children a wide range of opportunities for children to develop social, literacy and mathematical skills. Our role-play area allows children to explore social skills as well as develop writing and addition skills. We have had a ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Post Office’ and ‘Sweet factory’ so far. Each topic allows different skills to be practiced. As well as the role-play area we have both wet and dry sand areas and are starting to develop a ‘Number Hospital’ where children can develop their number knowledge as well as looking at weight and capacity.


Music and Dolls House tables are available for children to explore music. By playing a range of instruments children get to know how to change the sound by the way they hit or move an instrument. Children have been known to put on their own shows to allow other children and adults to see what they have been practicing.

Because of the small number of children in Class 1 Literacy (Reading and Writing) skills are taught on a 1:1 basis. This allows children to work at their own pace and to be able to progress when they need to rather than have to wait for a whole group to be ready. 1:1 maths skills are also taught this way and children will have their own targets to work on, both in school and at home.


The Curriculum

At Chislet Church of England Primary School we value the voice of the child and therefore within the Foundation Stage we place a greater emphasis on what the child knows; what they want to find out about and what they want to share with others.

The Foundation Stage curriculum takes its lead from the author of ‘Talking and Thinking Floorbooks’ By Claire Warden. The idea is that children’s experiences at home have a huge influence on their knowledge and their curiosity. So children and parents are able to ask questions and write them on a ‘Thinking Leaf’ and place them on the class ‘Thinking Tree’. The class teacher will then use these questions to form a large part of the classroom curriculum.

The Thinking Tree approach has, over the last 12 months, allowed children to explore different topics such as ‘life cycle of a butterfly’; ‘Why do volcanoes erupt?’; ‘How do you make chocolates?’; ‘Why is it night in some parts of the world but daytime in others?’ and ‘How do you add numbers?’ Other examples can be found on the front cover of this prospectus.

Children enjoy their learning because it is following their interests. Teaching is fun for children, parents and staff and children and parents feel more involved with the school and their child’s learning.

The class teacher will use the questions to cover all the areas of learning included in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Click here for the Early Years Foundation Stage Prospectus

Click the light bulb below for the long term topic plan. This is a loose scaffold as children’s questions and thoughts may move us in another direction.


Click the icons below to see our medium term plans based on different books each term. These are loose scaffold plans as children’s questions and thoughts may move us in a different direction.

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Click on the pictures below to see some of the work Class 1 has carried out over the past few years from questions they have placed on the tree.

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