Pupil Premium


Funding 2016-2017: £13,200

Funding 2015-2016: £10,400

Funding 2014-2015 : £6,000

At Chislet Church of England Primary School, we ensure that all opportunities for teaching and learning meet the needs of all pupils in school, including pupils deemed as vulnerable or socially disadvantaged.

Pupil Premium Funding (PPF) is allocated to schools according to the number of pupils who receive free school meals, children in care (6 months or more) and children of service personnel (£2000/child).

At Chislet we recognise that not all pupils who receive free school meals are socially disadvantaged and that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. For these reasons, we allocate some of our Pupil Premium Funding to support pupils identified, using school data, as being socially disadvantaged. We monitor the impact of provision through our school tracking system of individual’s progress throughout the year.

Through our tracking systems, progress meetings and regular monitoring our main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils for PPF include the following:-

  • Poor reading and phonics skills, when compared with their peers and age-appropriate expectations.
  • Lower levels of attendance when compared to children who are not eligible for PPF.
  • Limited access to extended learning opportunities beyond the family home and local amenities.

Chislet Church of England Primary School allocated its Pupil Premium Funding 2016-2017 to provide:

  • Employing a specific Learning Intervention TA to provide additional focussed support for identified children with specific difficulties including any vulnerable children. This TA is also employed as our Family Liaison Officer and as such she develops working relationships with the families of vulnerable children, in order to support home life and therefore the children’s readiness to learn and promoting regular attendance.
  • New reading resources including expanding the reading books for all children and purchasing new reference materials and books to be used to enhance learning opportunities for all children.
  • Teaching Assistant support in class. This ensures every class has at least one Teaching Assistant to support learning in each class.
  • Providing additional financial support for outside learning opportunities including residential trips, educational day visits etc.  

Looking at our schools information regarding pupil progress using RAISEonline, children included in the FSM category made the accepted levels of progress or better in all areas of learning last year. Our in- school tracking systems show that our PPF pupils make good or better progress the majority of the time, across the curriculum. (As the number of PPF pupils is low we have not included progress figures as it would be easy to identify individuals)

We review our spending priorities every year and try to work closely with parents to make sure the allocation of funding is helping the child.

In the past few years funding has been used to support children not only with areas of development but also children who were assessed to be well above the targets for their age. One example was using funding to purchase a second hand laptop for a child who did not have a computer at home so that she could use it to complete work both for school and for projects.

Next scheduled review meeting.     April 2017

Sports Premium

2016/17 – £8340

2015/16 – £8340 
2014/15 – £8340

At Chislet Church of England Primary School we believe PE & Sport is an important tool in  promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in young children, allowing them to develop the potential to change their lives for the better.

We welcome the Government’s decision to provide schools with additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE), sport and healthy living in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting and healthy living activities. We also hope that expanding the different types of sports etc. on offer children may wish to explore these options further outside of school.

Below are examples of how we have allocated this new funding to benefit the children of our school.

  • Arranged Martial Arts coaching for all children in school. (Based around a five week programme of coaching for Upper KS2, Lower KS2 and Infants)

  • Arranged Canoeing sessions for the Year 5 & 6 children.

  • Purchased new sport equipment for P.E lessons within school.

  • Purchased new Forest Schools equipment for outdoor learning in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust.

  • Purchased new playground equipment to enhance behaviour routines as well as allow access to different physical skills and movements.